• In recent years, West Sumatra has indeed become a tourist spot that is often visited by tourists. West Sumatra Province does still have a lot of beautiful and natural tourist attractions that are very worthy to be explored, so that in addition to well-known tourist attractions, there are also many hidden tourist attractions that are still not many visitors and are not yet known. This is what makes West Sumatra Province a place that has its own charm and beauty.
  • Are you planning to visit West Sumatra? We are willing to accompany you to explore exotic places throughout West Sumatra.

Car Rental

We provide car rental services in Padang at low prices and the best fleet. Our fleet can be rented with a driver or unlocked.

We have experience in the transportation sector. With a reliable driver and supported by a clean, comfortable vehicle. In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, all fleets are processed according to health protocols and are always in prime condition to meet your transportation needs.

Tour Package

The natural charm of West Sumatra is amazing. Natural tourism destinations have attracted thousands of local and foreign tourists to visit West Sumatra. We will accompany you to visit natural attractions throughout the region in West Sumatra.

We will also serve you to know the richness of Minangkabau culture. So, we can guide you in designing a cultural, historical and religious themed trip in West Sumatra.

There are still many tourist destinations waiting for you. Among them are adventure tourism destinations such as Mount Singgalang, Mount Merapi, Mount Talang, and so on.

West Sumatra Tour Packages will help you arrange a travel agenda according to the desired destination, available time, and available budget. So, please make your own choice of tourist attractions including accommodation and food. The price can be negotiated with us later.

Airport Shuttle

For those of you who will visit the city of Padang by airplane for business, travel or other matters within the city of Padang, you can use our services. We have advantages in the following services:

  1. Save your time. If you have a meeting with a business partner that requires you to be delivered or picked up at the Minangkabau International Airport and to the address you are going to
  2. We are ready to wait for you before landing at Minangkabau International Airport and willing to pick you up early to the pick up location
  3. The prices we offer are very competitive with other competitors, even cheap compared to using a transport service that uses an odometer
  4. Experienced drivers can help you find the nearest or fastest way so you can get to your destination faster
  5. Our driver is polite and friendly to every passenger
  6. We guarantee your goods are safe with us

Note: Airport Shuttle to addresses within the city is charged Rp. 175,000 per person.


Company history PT MULYA DANA TRIARGA was established in the city of Padang on March 10, 2022 which was legalized by a notary and the district court, and a business license was legalized by the regional government of the city of Padang. This company has experienced experts in their respective fields. The company is engaged in the main business of Procurement of goods and services, which are described as follows:

  1. Running a business in the field of procurement and rental of motorized vehicles for both the government and the private sector.
  2. Running businesses in the field of trading of goods and services providers in the field of procurement of goods, both government and private institutions, including import, export, interinsular, local and retail, wholesalers, distributors and agents/representatives and all kinds of merchandise.
  3. Establish and run a procurement service company for both government and private agencies in the textile industry, apparel such as uniforms, official clothing, civil clothing, etc.; and non-clothing such as tarpaulin tents, curtains, and so on.
  4. Establish and run a company in Swakelola procurement services for smooth supply as well as the availability of goods and services needed by both government and private budget users

We will give you the best services.

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