Surfing: Karamajat Island

Karamajat Island is an island in the Indian Ocean and belongs to the Mentawai Islands group, West Sumatra. Its location is in the south of Masokut island (Nyangnyang island) and is included in the Katurei village area, Southwest Siberut sub-district. This island when viewed from the map looks remote. However, this island is the right place for relaxation from stress.

The land is sloping with white sand beaches. The vegetation that grows on this island is dominated by coconut trees. The wind on this island blows warm and the sea water is clear. So you feel very comfortable when sunbathing on this beach. This island is a marine tourism destination and already has resorts and other marine tourism supporting facilities.

Source: Karamajat

On Karamajat Island, it is famous for its waves which are one of the best surfing spots in the world. They usually come during the wave phase from February to November.
To reach the location of the island you use speedboat transportation, from the port of Muara Siberut with a distance of one hour’s drive. Tourism management in Karamajat is known as Kandui Villas, one of the owners of which is a migrant from the city of Payakumbuh.
Resort Kandui is designed like an Uma house (traditional Mentawai house). It already has complete facilities including a bar, swimming pool, game arena, international standard restaurant and of course jetski marine tourism equipment, banana boats, diving equipment and surfboards. If you want to surf, you will be delivered by motorboat to the intended wave spots.

Source: Kandui

The owner of Kandui Villa also supports the preservation of Mentawai culture, such as inviting sikerei on every trip. So that every guest who comes to Villa Kandui can enjoy Sikeirei dances, such as devotion to nature, exorcism of evil spirits and dances after hunting.
It is known that there are 13 wave spots on this island and are said to be the second best wave spot in the world.
There are waves. The name no kandui is a play on English from the word “can do it”, the play becomes kandui. These waves have a length of 250 meters with wave heights ranging from 3 – 7 meters. While the same type of wave but moving to the right is called kandui right or rifle right, it has a wave length of 250 meters with a height of 3 – 8 meters.
There is another wave called 4 bobs right, which means that in the fourth box of the wave roll, surfers can enter the extraordinary wave rolls. It is indeed challenging and the reels are long. Wavelength of 200 meters with a height of 3-8 meters.
It turns out that the names of the Mentawai surf waves were made by the surfers themselves. They happily share their experiences surfing the waves. If the wave spot doesn’t have a name, then make a name for the wave. Here are pictures of these types of waves:

Source: rifle – kandui right – longest wave in Indonesia – Mentawais – Rawfiles – 30/April/ raw

Source: kandui spotchecks – kandui left.kandui

Source: 4 bobs, playground, Mentawai Island. Surf camp

Karamajat Island is well worth a visit for experienced surfers. Surfers from abroad often visit here to try out the extraordinary waves. For those of you who are beginner surfers, Kandui villa provides surfing training guided by a certified surf instructor.

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