Padang Mengatas: Cattle Breeding Area

Limapuluh Kota Regency is an area that has varying heights in the form of rice fields, lakes, mountainous areas, rivers and savanna fields. Thus this area has an average temperature of 26° Celsius with a humidity of 45-50% which is the ideal temperature for livestock. This area is one of the largest livestock production areas in West Sumatra. The livestock are large cattle in the form of cows, buffaloes and horses. Likewise, small livestock such as chickens, ducks and quail are widely cultivated here. The distance from the center of the Limapuluh Kota district to the city of Bukittinggi is about 30 km or as far as 120 km from the capital city of Padang. The Limapuluh Kota district is also a trade transit route between the provinces of West Sumatra with Riau and Jambi through the route we know as winding 9 (kelok 9). Given that the inter-regional and inter-provincial road routes are very smooth, livestock production is easily distributed to neighboring regencies, cities or provinces.
Limapuluh Kota area has a farm area that looks similar to the savanna in the village of Hobbiton, North Island, New Zealand. This area is called Padang Mengatas (Minang dialect: Padang Mangateh), this field with green grass is a favorite place for sightseeing. The charm of natural beauty against the backdrop of a row of hills and Mount Sago which is the main attraction of this tourist spot. Not infrequently tourists visit this farm field just to capture every moment with the beauty it provides.


This farm is officially managed by the Center for Superior Cattle Breeding and Forage Animal Feed (Balai Pembibitan Ternak Unggul dan Hijauan Pakan Ternak) Padang Mengatas under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia. Initially, it was a horse nursery established by the Dutch East Indies Government in 1916. In 1935, Zebu cattle were brought in from Bengal, India to be bred. After being stopped due to Dutch military aggression, in 1950 by Vice President Dr. Moh. Hatta was restored and in 1951-1953 it was used as the Government Animal Husbandry Station and was named Padang Mengatas Livestock Park (Induk Taman Ternak).
In 1955, Induk Taman Ternak Padang Mengatas was the largest livestock station in Southeast Asia, where the livestock kept were horses, cows, goats and chickens. However, in 1958-1961 there was a PRRI upheaval, and the location of the Induk Taman Ternak Padang Mengatas was used as a defense base for the Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Indonesia (Pemerintah Revolusioner Republik Indonesia) so that the Induk Taman Ternak Padang Mengatas was heavily damaged. After the upheaval stopped, in 1961 Induk Taman Ternak Padang Mengatas was reorganized by the Regional Government of West Sumatra.
In 1974 – 1978 the Indonesian government collaborated with the West German government to develop a cattle breeding project in Padang Mengatas through the Agriculture Development Project (ADP). After the project ended and was handed over to the Ministry of Agriculture under the name of the Center for Cattle Breeding-Forecast Animal Food Padang Mengatas. At that time the nursery was still being funded by the regional and central governments. However, with the expansion of the working area from the original West Sumatra, Riau and Jambi regions to covering the entire working area of ​​Indonesia, the Central Government has borne the entire financing of Balai Pembibitan Ternak Unggul dan Hijauan Pakan Ternak Padang Mengatas since 1985. Based on the Decree of the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia No.292/KPTS/OT. 210/4/2002 dated 16 April 2002 changed its name to Center for Superior Livestock Breeding Beef Cattle (Balai Pembibitan Ternak Unggul Sapi Potong) Padang Mengatas.
Currently, Padang Mengatas is not just a center for superior feed and livestock breeding, but at the same time is able to become a tourist attraction that captivates the hearts of tourists. This 280 hectare area has a total of around 1200 cows which during the day are allowed to graze freely in the open. Tourists are welcome to visit this area free of charge, but before entering this area they must first register online on the official Balai Pembibitan Ternak Unggul Sapi Potong Padang Mengatas website ( You can be allowed to enter after showing proof of registration to the nursery hall staff.


Balai Pembibitan Ternak Unggul Sapi Potong Padang Mengatas is located on Padang Mengatas street, Mungo Village, Luak sub-District. Tourists who want to visit the area which is 12 km from the city of Payakumbuh, can pass the The “Ratapan Ibu” Bridge (near Ibuah market) from downtown Payakumbuh to be precise from the Adipura Monument. You just keep on driving towards Batang Tabik Baths and then to the Lobua Silang roundabout until you find an intersection near the Community Health Center (Puskesmas), turn your vehicle to the right towards Padang Mengatas. It is very easy to find this location so that this place is visited by many tourists.
Arriving in this area, all you have to do is show proof of registration to the officer, then you will be given special clothes complete with boots. You can feed livestock accompanied by officers who will provide information about cattle breeding here. In addition, this area is perfect for selfie, cycling, jogging and picnic activities.

Source: Balai Pembibitan Ternak Unggul

Source: Track of Padang Mengatas

This area has 11 rooms that have different functions. Each location is in one area and there is a signboard to each room. The cowshed consists of a shelter cage, a male cage and a cage for cows to shelter at night. The male cage is a special cage for superior bulls from which the male sex cells will be taken, later the seeds will be brought to the laboratory to be stored in a cooling room. The development of cattle here by artificial insemination method. Meanwhile, the shelter cage is to accommodate newly entered cows. For cattle feed in the cage, it is stored in the warehouse along with supporting equipment. In the morning the cows are herded into the Shepherd’s Field which is fenced off. This is so that the cow is always moving so that the body becomes healthy. There is also a water tank for storage that drains water into the barn for drinking livestock. In addition there is also a Restoration Room, Balai Pembibitan Ternak Unggul Sapi Potong Office and Workshop. For employees and visitors, here there is a canteen that provides a variety of food and drinks.

Source: The cattle

Source: The Balai Pembibitan Ternak Unggul Sapi Potong

The function of Balai Pembibitan Ternak Unggul Padang Mengatas is to support increasing the national beef population and productivity and to produce quality seeds. Therefore, the cows that are bred must be superior seeds. The cattle raised here are coastal cattle, simmental cattle and limousine cattle.
Coastal cattle are local cattle which, although small in size, are efficient in feed, have high reproduction and are disease resistant. Coastal cows are bred here considering the frequent occurrence of inbreeding when kept by local residents. This can result in a decrease in the level of cattle productivity in the area. These coastal cattle are injectable with Simental cattle to obtain larger Simental breeds. Cattle breeding, of course, involves veterinary medical officers and livestock breeding supervisors Balai Pembibitan Ternak Unggul Padang Mengatas as livestock health experts. Meanwhile, limousine cattle are beef cattle that are larger than Simental cattle, which were first developed in France. Because the temperature in Padang Mangatas is suitable, limousine cattle are imported from Europe to be bred.


The cows that have been raised in the nursery will be distributed to the regional nurseries. Thus, the distribution of cattle to the regions becomes evenly distributed according to the proportions. Meanwhile cows that have been rejected will be sold or auctioned.

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