Hiking: Barasok Waterfall

Barasok Waterfall (Sarasah Barasok) is a waterfall that is similar with Nyarai Waterfall in Pariaman Regency. Because, both should be reached with hiking for 2 hours through forest route. Barasok Waterfall is located in Banja Loweh village, Bukit Barisan sub-district, Limapuluh Kota district. Banja Loweh village is not far from Maek village which is the location of the largest menhir sites in Indonesia. Barasok Waterfall saves enchanting natural beauty. However, to reach the location of this tourist attraction is not easy. You will encounter descending and ascending roads while traveling to Barasok Waterfall.
To get there, friends are advised to go by motorbike. There is no public transportation to Barasok waterfall. By using a motorbike, it takes approximately 15 minutes to get to the starting point of the tracking path from the main highway where at this point the vehicle is parked. The starting point for motorized vehicles is located a few meters after the Wali Nagari Banja Loweh Office. Next, you have to walk uphill through the forest area for about two hours. You can hire a guide and pay for his services sincerely, but in moderation. The terrain taken is quite difficult, so there’s nothing wrong with giving more appreciation to the guide.
On the way to the waterfall, you will be treated to views of the meadows in the valley from a height. Then you will follow the path down the valley. After that you enter the jungle door where the trees are dense. Then past a row of large rocks to the first stream, here you can rest for a moment. After that you start your journey back by crossing the river and then climbing the cliff. After a while, you will find the river flowing again after you go down the cliff. You walk with the flow of the water. Once you reach the end, simply turn around and descend into the valley again. The last track before the waterfall is through the edge of a cliff which is quite extreme with an elevation of up to 70°. Please be careful when passing through it, it is advisable to bring a rope tied to a tree trunk or holding on to a tree root that feels strong to support the weight of the body. After you pass the difficult path, a view of the waterfall will appear, which means we are almost at the location. The following is the appearance of the track to the location of the Barasok waterfall:

Source: Route to starting point.travelingyuk.com.photo

Source: Route to Barasok Waterfall.nicky pu.screenshot.youtube.com.photo

After walking along various terrains for about two hours, you will arrive at the Barasok Waterfall area. You can camp or explore, take pictures and swim. The view of the Barasok waterfall is very beautiful and the air around it is very cool. The stream of water from the top of the hill flows swiftly and falls on the rock cliffs which causes a fine splash of water so that it looks like smoke and when exposed to sunlight it creates a beautiful rainbow. The tiring trip has paid off while enjoying the beauty of Barasok Waterfall which is about 20 meters high.

Source: arasynews.com.photo

Source: travelingyuk.com.photo

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