Hiking: Nyarai Waterfall

Nyarai Waterfall is one of the waterfalls located in Padang Pariaman Regency , West Sumatra Province . This 8 meter high waterfall is located in the Gamaran Salibutan Forest, Lubuk Alung , Bukit Barisan I National Nature Reserve. This waterfall is surrounded by shady trees and very large rocks. If you pay attention, the water that descends from the Nyarai Waterfall is like being dammed by two large stones before finally entering a pool with clear green water so it is very beautiful to the eye. In the green pond there are many fish, you can fish or catch him with a spear gun. Interestingly, if you use a shooting gun, you have to dive into the pond to catch fish . Above the pond hanging swings of tree roots that can be used as an interesting natural game. Tourists can also feel the pleasure of being at one with nature because this Nyarai Waterfall is far from the noise of the city.

Nyarai Waterfall is located in Gamaran Hamlet, Nagari Salibutan , Lubuk Alung District , Padang Pariaman Regency , West Sumatra Province .

Nyarai Waterfall is about 20 km from Padang City . From Padang City, the time that must be taken to this place is about 1 hour away by public transportation. The distance from the tourist post to Nyarai Waterfall is about 3.5 km. From the start of our departure we will find forest roads that are still wild. The tour guide accompanies us so as not to get lost and avoid the possibility of getting injured along the way. After covering 3 km of wild forest we have to cross a 50 meter shallow river. It would be nice if we had brought supplies and enough drinking water from home. The journey takes about 2-3 hours of travel. It really depends on stamina and physical endurance. So prepare yourself before starting the journey. After crossing the river, then we have arrived at Nyarai Waterfall. (Quoted by: id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_terjun_Nyarai)

Images of track at route to Nyarai Waterfall is as following as:

Starting point
Ngungun river flow
The hood rook (batu tudung)
to pass Kawang bridge
to pass river track
Location of Nyarai Waterfall

Source: udaindra.blogspot.com/pesona-alam-minangkabau-air-terjun.photo

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