Hiking: Mount Singgalang

Source: Mount Singgalang.httpsgetlost.id.20220215singgalang.photo

West Sumatra is one of the provinces that has a diverse landscape. Here we can find beautiful beaches, cool highlands, lined hills, and towering mountains. One of them is Mount Singgalang which is located in Agam Regency, about 18 km away. from the city of Bukittinggi.

Mount Singgalang has a height of 2877 meters above sea level. This mountain has been dormant for a long time. Nature is dominated by dense tropical rainforest vegetation with high humidity. One of the things that makes Mount Singgalang a favorite to hike is Lake Dewi, which is a crater that has been continuously flowing with water for hundreds of years and eventually becomes a lake. Lake Dewi is the most awaited spot for hikers. The beauty of the panorama pays for the tiredness of hikers after passing through a strenuous climbing track.

There are three routes to choose from, namely the Kotobaru route (Pandai Sikek village), the Balingka route, and the Toboh route through Malalak village. The Kotobaru route can be reached by public transportation from the city of Padang, the capital of West Sumatra to Kotobaru. Next walk to Pandai Sikek. So the total time is approximately 2.5 hours of travel.

The Balingka route can be reached from Padang – Padang Luar. Then proceed with the rural transportation route Batu Tagak – Panambatan, total travel time is 3.5 hours. Meanwhile, the Toboh route is taken by the Padang – Padang Luar route, then continued by public transportation to Toboh village. The total travel time is approximately 2 hours.

The Kotobaru route is a favorite hiking track because there are very clear directions. We simply follow the cables and power poles that run along the hiking track. The starting point of the hike is the RCTI/TVRI TV station tower. If we choose the Kotobaru route, from the Kotobaru market we continue our journey in front of the Pandai Sikek Heritage Weaving House (rumah tenun pusako). From here the journey to the hiker’s post is 2 km. At this post we have to do registration our team with the guard officers. From the command post, continue to the RCTI/TVRI TV station tower. Here there is a parking post for vehicles. We can park own vehicle here before starting the hike.

Source: Pandai Sikek Heritage Weaving House.liputan6.com.photo
Source: Road to RCTI/TVRI Tower Transmitter.pendakiindonesia.com.photo
Source: tower of rcti-tvri transmission.sutomopaguci.kompasiana.photo

Hiking the Kotobaru route takes about 7 hours. Hikers should start hiking in the morning because the route is quite heavy.

The journey is immediately faced with a steep incline. From the start, the track was very draining. The field that must be faced first is shrubs or called Ulla or kangaroo grass (themed gigantea).

It can cause itching if it comes into contact with the skin. Hikers have to walk while ducking and even crawling. Because it is large and flexible. These weeds often close the hiking track. It would take at least an hour to complete this track.

The next track is through a steep track with a slope of more than 45 degrees with rocky terrain and tree roots. Hikers must be careful not to slip because the ground is slippery, especially during the rainy season. The most challenging track before crossing the forest is dominated by trees covered with moss.

Source: Ulla or kangaroo grass on Singgalang track.sutomo paguci.kompasiana.photo
Source: Steep track of singgalang.sutomo paguci.kompasiana.sutomopaguci.photo

Arriving at the moss forest, hikers are treated to a shady atmosphere which is a shelter to rest. Exotic beauty is often the object of photos that need to be documented. The moss forest in Singgalang appears after going through 5-6 hours of hiking.

   Source: Moss forest of Singgalang.yanacircle.blog.photo

Next, you go to the Singgalang rock which is full of shrubs with small plants and trees, and occasionally we will find edelweiss flowers (Leontopodium nivale), although they are very rare and require a keen eye to find them. From the beginning of the rocky track, the track to the top continues to climb. In the middle of the journey, there is a monument called the Galapagos Monument. This monument was made as a monument to the disappearance of two students of the Galapagos Nature Lovers Association (Sispala Galapagos) belonging to Senior High School 1 Padang (SMUN 1 Padang) in 1988. From this place, you can see views of Mount Marapi, Lake Singkarak, and the City of Bukittinggi. After traveling for 30 minutes, you enter a forest with lush trees with a moist and slightly wet track. From here you are close to Dewi Lake.

Source:Rocky track of Singgalang.langitteduhwordpress.com.photo
Source: Galapagos Monument.sutomopaguci.kompasiana.com.photo

Dewi lake is the most awaited spot for hikers. The location of Dewi Lake is recommended for camping before going down the mountain. There is flat land that can accommodate several hikers’ tents at this location. In addition, hikers can refill water supplies. Freshwater provides coolness.

Source: Lake Dewi.pendakiindonesia.com.photo
Source: Camping in lakeside.travellink-indonesia.com.photo

The peak of Mount Singgalang is marked by a network transmitter tower. The distance between the peak of Singgalang and Dewi lake is only 30 minutes. The track to the top is easier than the track at the beginning. From the top of Singgalang, you can see Mount Merapi if the weather is clear.

Source: The top of Mount Singgalang.langitteduhwordpress.com.photo
Source: View of Mount Merapi.jalankemanagitu.wordpress.com.photo

From the top of Mount Singgalang, there is a track to Mount Tandikek. Known as the Salo track, It passes through slippery moss forests and bumpy routes lined with tree roots. Hence, you will find the Lake Kumbang which is far hidden in the cliff among the moss heaps. If you are an experienced hiker, this route is worth a try.

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