Traveling: Solok City

Source : Rice field in Solok

The lyrics of the song “Bareh Solok” by Nuskan Syarief which was popularized by the legendary Minangkabau singer Elly Kasim in the 1960s contain praise for Solok rice. Solok is an area in the land of Minangkabau which is famous for its premium quality rice. Many people from overseas order this rice for daily consumption. The image of Solok’s delicious rice is reflected in the nickname Solok, the City of Rice. The city, which is a transit route between Jambi and West Sumatra provinces, is the largest rice production center in West Sumatra. Rice production from the district and city of Solok continues to be a surplus every year.

Before 2003, the city of Solok was the capital of the Solok district. At the end of 2003, based on Law No. 38 of 2003, Solok Regency was divided into Solok Regency and South Solok Regency. This reduced the area of ​​Solok Regency to 3,738 km. The administrative center of the Solok district was moved from the city of Solok to the city of Arosuka. Solok became an independent city consisting of the Tanjung Harapan sub-district and the Lubuk Sikarah sub-district.

The city of Solok is about 60 kilometers from the capital city of Padang. The topography of Solok City varies between plains and hilly with an altitude of 390 meters above sea level. Three rivers cross Solok City, namely the Batang Lembang River, the Batang Gawan River, and the Batang Air Binguang River. From the type of soil, 2.76% of the land in Solok City is paddy fields and the remaining 78.24% is dry soil. The strategic location of Solok City is at the crossroads of the economic traffic of West Sumatra so the trade sector is one of the main driving sectors of economic activity and development in Solok City. The economy in Solok City is dominated by small traders and a few services sectors.
Apart from being a rice-producing area, Solok’s tourism potential is almost the same as other areas in West Sumatra that need to be taken into account. Solok City has many natural attractions that you can visit and have extraordinary beauty. These tourist spots not only attract the interest of residents, but some foreign tourists are also often seen in several tourist destinations in the city.
In addition to nature tourism, several cultural tours provide visitors with more opportunities to recognize the local wisdom of the Solok people. These tourist attractions are scattered in Solok Regency and Solok City. However, in this article, we will describe some of the natural attractions in the city of Solok.

1. Sarasah Batimpo Waterfall

For more than 10 years this area has been forgotten by the residents of the surrounding Solok City. However, at this time this area is visited again by residents because of its beauty. Sarasah Batimpo Waterfall is located in Laing Village, Tanjung Harapan sub-district, Solok City. From Pasar Raya Solok City, this tourist spot is only about 7 kilometers away. There are no road signs to this place, but residents outside the city of Solok can pay attention to road signs towards the Solok Mayor’s Office House. From here, the distance is only 3 kilometers. Arriving at the parking area of Sarasah Batimo Waterfall, you have to walk 500 meters.

Source : Images of Sarasah Batimpo

Sarasah Batimpo Waterfall is located in a small forest and has three levels of waterfalls. Each waterfall has a different height. We have to be patient in walking down the three waterfalls. That’s because we have to walk along the road on large rocks, and with unspoiled forest conditions. Besides enjoying the beauty of Sarasah Batimpo Waterfall, we can also try hiking tracks around it and we can hold camping activities there.

2. Laing Park
Still, in the Laing village, there is another natural tourist spot carrying the concept of relaxing in a tree house while enjoying the beautiful and comfortable natural panorama. Laing Park Tree House is located on KPT Bahar Hamid st, on an 8-hectare land. The management there has prepared two tree houses with a capacity of 5 adults or 10 children.

In addition to these two tree houses, we are also presented with several gazebos which are also built on trees. It’s interesting to take photos with a background of green and beautiful hills and several other spots scattered here. A relatively new tourist attraction in Solok City, which was first opened in 2015.

Source: Tree

Apart from being an instagramable photo spot, visitors can also get a variety of activities. There is a flying fox ride that tests your adrenaline. We will glide at a distance of up to 100 meters. Next is the suspension bridge, it will sway when you walk on it.

Source: Outbond

During the durian season around September to November, visitors can also harvest durian fruit here. Visitors can do agro-tourism in the durian garden which can be directly picked from the tree. Laing park is highly recommended as a place to hold activities such as family gatherings. The manager has built a meeting building. In addition, the community often stops here. We will meet various kinds of communities such as the photography community. There is also a motocross community that likes this place to race. Therefore, it is not surprising that here we can also enjoy trail bike rides.

3. Belibis Island

The Belibis Island referred to here is not the true meaning of the island. However, it is a swamp location that used to be frequented by wild duck hunters. Its location is to the south of the Solok market and close to the Ampang Kualo racetrack. The distance from the Solok market is only about 2 km and the location can be reached easily by vehicle or even on foot. The journey from Solok Market by vehicle only takes 10 minutes. The path to this tourist spot is a bit uphill but the road is paved and only a slight incline.

Even though there are no wild ducks there, the area is still beautiful and the air is cool so it is recommended as a family picnic spot. While relaxing, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the lake and trees and refresh their mind. It also has fishing facilities so that fishing hobby. For those who don’t like fishing, you can swim in the Samalero pool or ride a horse.

For those who like a challenge, near Belibis Island there is also a scout park; so called because it has facilities for outbound activities. In addition to these facilities, there is also a playground for children as well as comfortable seating areas making it perfect for picnics.

Source: The Pier of Belibis
Source: Duck
Source: Outbond
Source: Samalero swimming
Source: Riding
Source: Fishing

One of the obstacles to the tourist sites is the unavailability of a special public transportation unit to tourist sites. People who come there must use their vehicles. In the future, the Solok city government should increasingly complete transportation facilities to tourist sites with a regular level of maintenance.

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