The Pangian Cave

Source: Pangian Cave (Ngalau Pangian) the hidden

French cave explorer named Daharveng A. Bedos in 1995 stated that Pangian Cave (ngalau: in Minangkabau dialect) is the most beautiful cave in Southeast Asia. The cave which is located at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level has a uniqueness that is rarely owned by other caves because there are hot springs in the cave due to the sulfur content on the surface of the cave.
Pangian Cave is located in Lintau Buo District, Tanah Datar Regency, about 14 km from downtown Batusangkar and about 3 hour’s drive from the capital Padang. Do you know Pariangan village which is dubbed the most beautiful village in the world? It is in the territory of this village. Residents around almost all know the existence of this cave if you ask the route to enter its spot.

Source: The outside wall of
Source: the entrance path of        

For the cave explorer, this is highly recommended to be explored. The cave stretch is almost one kilometer. Inside there is a clear and cool river flow. The walls of the cave consist of kart rock met with basalt rock to form interesting ornaments. Many wallet birds and bats fly in it. This adds to the fun atmosphere of the cave. There are marking paths for explorers to make tracing easier.

Source: Stalagtit &
Source hot spring of
Source: River flow in the cave
Source: River flow in the

The attraction of Pangian Cave is not just cave exploration. However, in this cave, there are also rock climbing routes. For lovers of rock climbing, this is very suitable to be tested. The Indonesian Rock Climbing Federation Batusangkar Branch often exercises on the cliffs of this cave.

The rock climbing path in Pangian cave is not too long, but enough to challenge the adrenaline. The level of difficulty of the paths also varies, starting from grid 5.7 – 5.10 with a slope of <180 degrees to more than 180 degrees. For climbers who are interested in making a rock climbing route in Pangian Cave, there are still many cliffs that have not been used for rock climbing routes.

Source: Climbing wall activity at Ngalau Pangian

Near the entrance of the cave, visitors can set up a tent for camping. This place is indeed very suitable for refreshing because the environment is still beautiful and cool. Visitors can also bathe in the river outside the cave because the water is very clear and cool.

Source: Rest
Source: Swimming in the river near Ngalau Pangian

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