Surfing: Sipora Island Beaches

Source: Surfing in Katiet

The Mentawai Islands (Ments) are a group of islands covering an area of ​​6,033 km2 to the west of the island of Sumatra, facing the Indian Ocean. Mentawai is one of the districts in West Sumatra Province. The Mentawai Islands consist of four main islands: Siberut Island which is the largest island, Sipora Island which is the smallest island, North Pagai Island, and South Pagai Island. The total number of islands in the Mentawai is about 70 islands.

Mentawai has fish and other seafood in abundance. Fish and other seafood are generally sold on the island of Sumatra. The population that inhabits the Mentawai is around 80,000 people in 2017. Most of the population in the Mentawai islands have a livelihood as fishermen. The original tribe of the Mentawai islands is the Mentawai tribe. Most of them inhabit the interior of the island of Siberut. According to some researchers they have inhabited the Mentawai since 500 BC.

The Mentawai Islands are famous for marine tourism. The beaches on Mentawai island are very beautiful and clean. Various kinds of marine tourism activities can be done here. Starting from fishing, sailing, swimming, jet skiing, diving, and various games on the beach such as a banana boat or donut boat to surfing can be done here. Some foreign tourists choose Mentawai over Bali for surfing and fishing because the location is not too crowded.

The surfing location here is very famous in foreign countries. The big waves boomed to amaze tourists. The types of waves found here are very varied because they are generated from wind gusts from land. Surfers from beginners to professionals can choose the wave spot that best suits their abilities. There are about 70 surfing points in the Mentawai.
Sipora Island is the smallest but most strategic island in the Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra. Compared to the other 4 large islands in the Mentawai, the position of Sipora Island is right in the middle between the Pagai Islands and Siberut Island. On this island lies the capital of the Mentawai Islands district: Tua Pejat, with an area of ​​approximately 845 km², Sipora Island is estimated to have 10-15% of pristine rainforest. Most of the residents of Sipora have a livelihood as farmers or fishermen.

The beach at Sipora is stunning with powerful waves making it ideal for surfing. On the other hand, surfers’ access to surfing locations is easier because the infrastructure in Sipora is better than on other islands in the Mentawai. The best time to visit Sipora Island for surfing is from April to October. However, you can still enjoy the challenging waves on Sipora Island for most of the year.

Surfers who have surfed here admit that the wave points at Sipora and other wave points in the Mentawai islands are among the best wave points in the world. They say it rivals the waves on Waikiki and the Gold Coast. The types of wave points scattered here are hollow trees (lance’s right), lance’s left, suicide, telescope, Iceland, and scarecrow. For Iceland and suicide wave points are on the island of Potoutojat, while others are on the coast of the island of Sipora. Some famous coasts that are favorite for surfing are as following as:

1. Katiet Beach
Katiet Beach is a world-class surfing location on the island of Sipora. This beach is located in the village of Bosua, south Sipora sub-district. This location was once a world surfing competition in 2013. A total of 16 countries participated in the International Pro Surfing Competition, including local surfers. It has white and clean sand decorated with coconut trees. The waves are large and consistent from the Indian Ocean. This surfing location is recommended for surfers with intermediate to advanced skills.
Transportation to Katiet beach can be reached by ship from Muaro pier in the capital Padang to Sioban pier in Tua Pejat for 3 – 6 hours. Followed by a speedboat for two hours or by land transportation. You can also fly from Minangkabau International Airport to Rokot Sipora Airport. There are many resorts here with varying prices.

Source : Katiet beach.solopos,
Source: Surfcamp on Katiet

The types of waves on Katiet beach are as follows:

a. Lance left
Lance’s Left is the strongest and most consistent type of wave on Sipora Island and its surroundings. Characterized by waves with two different barrels and several take-off zones, It (if supported by the right conditions) can be one of the most beautiful waves on the planet. Many people call and compare it to a wave of Money Trees from the Mentawai version of G-Land. The movement of waves on the sea surface due to the difference in air pressure and greater wind can create a perfectly vertical and barrel take-off zone. When the waves are not too big, It is recommended for surfers of intermediate ability.
The waves have a height of 6 to 9 meters with a wavelength of up to 150 meters. Wave point west of Katiet Resort Beach. Surfers can reach the waves only 4 minutes from the beach. The wave moves from left to right consistently. These waves create a takeoff spot that is easy for surfers to notice.

Source: Lance left

b. Hollow trees (lance’s right)
Hollow Trees are also known as Lance’s Right. This cylindrical wave (known as the right tube) for the last 10 years has often appeared in magazines and surfing videos around the world. When it arrives, it is not too big, there will be 3 take-off zones that challenge you to be able to do surfing maneuvers. When bigger waves arrive, the top of the breaking waves (peaks) will be connected to the barrel continuously which will make surfers have to quickly move to normal waves if they don’t want to be swept away by the waves.
Watch out for the so-called Surgeon Table at this surf point; These waves seem to exist to lift surfers to the top of the waves as if as a trophy. It is not recommended for newie surfers due to the challenge of the waves, highly recommended for those with adequate and expert skills.

Source: hollowtrees

A perfect wave moves lengthwise. The wave height is 6-9 meters and the length reaches 300 meters. They are the most popular wave in Sipora which is located east of Katiet Resort Beach. These waves are higher and more difficult for surfers to predict.

The sea in Katiet has a lot of reefs (coral) so surfers should wear reef shoes and special closed surfing clothes to avoid injuries from sharp coral scratches. However, on the island crew here, they are professional, they are ready to assist and provide assistance to surfers.

2. Mapadegat Beach
This beach is one of the beautiful beaches on Sipora Island. Mapadegat Beach, located in the hamlet of Mapadegat, is only 6 km from Tuapejat Pier. The beach is long with white sand. Very natural with shady coconut trees.

Source : Mapadegat

Here we can swim or learn to surf because the waves are very good. One of the famous surf waves is at Mapadegat Beach: Telescope waves. Many surfers come hunting Telescope waves. To go to this beach we can rent a motorcycle taxi or take a minibus for public passengers with a distance of only 15 minutes from the pier.
The condition of the beach is clean and white and the sea water is still free from pollution, if you want to enjoy the sunset in the afternoon, the beach can be used as a location because when the sun goes down while drinking coconut ice it becomes a beautiful sight.

Source: Source: White sand in Mapadegat

Types of waves (swell) on Mapadegat beach are as follows:
a. Telescopes
Telescopes are very long, semi-hollow (rolling waves with a hole in the middle), and almost perfect for surfing. Many surfers who have surfed, They admit that this wave is one of the best waves in Indonesia. Telescopes are not too big challenge to you with the type of cylindrical waves recommended for intermediate surfers. The location of the Telescopes waves is closest to the center of community settlements in Tuapejat (the district capital), which is approximately 5 km to the west.

Sourc : telescope

b. Scarecrows

Scarecrows are a type of wave with a left take-off zone that forms a wave wall connected to a fast rolling barrel. these are highly recommended for intermediate-level surfers.

Source: scarecrows

Overall it is quite easy to ride on its wave point, so wave points occur and spread very well from the crowd of Waves. It has many views but at peak season offers the best waves. The Wave length of more than 200 meters moves consistently until the end delivering surfers to the delicious “Curry bowl” part of the barrel. Most Waves break within this area, ideal waves occur during rising tides.
The area also only has sand and a little coral so it is freer to learn to surf. But if you can be at a distance of about two miles from the beach or more to the center you can surf with bigger waves.

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