Ampiang Dadiah: the curd of West Sumatra

Sumber: Ampiang

West Sumatra is famous for its culinary rendang and others on a national and international scale. Wherever regions in Indonesia generally meet the name Padang restaurant. The restaurant serves a typical menu of  West Sumatra which is famous for its delicacy.
In West Sumatra, it turns out that they also have traditional curd. Dadiah (in Minangkabau the language), is the name of the dairy product. It is an original Minangkabau food made from processed buffalo milk that has been filtered. Milk is naturally fermented in reeds (stems of bamboo) measuring 15 – 30 cm. Then it is covered with banana leaves or hibiscus leaves.

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The fermentation process will achieve maximum results after being left for 2 days. This fermented milk is in the form of dense, lumpy cream and has a soft texture. If it is stored in the refrigerator, it can keep for a week. The curd does not require additional microbial culture in the fermentation process. The fermentation results produce lactic acid which contains lactobacillus casei bacteria.

Dadiah is usually combined with ampiang. Ampiang is made from glutinous rice soaked in water, dried, and boiled until dry in a pot that is burned with dry wood fuel. Then it is pounded while it is still hot so that it is in the form of cereal porridge. The work of ampiang requires at least three people: the one in charge of pounding, one rocking, and the other boiling. It is generally done by women.


Preparing ampiang dadiah is quite easy, my friend. You only need to pour three tablespoons of ampiang into enough hot water and stir gently. Once drained add two tablespoons of curd. Add the grated coconut to the mixture. Finally, pour it with liquid palm sugar and you can add shaved ice. The sensation of enjoying ampiang dadiah is like eating yogurt pudding with a more pungent smell.
The taste of ampiang dadiah was heard by culinary world celebrity Gordon Ramsay. In one of the variety shows “Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted” which aired on the National Geographic Channel, He was seen filtering buffalo milk for curd during a visit to West Sumatra.
Processed ampiang dadiah is believed to provide many benefits. Some of them are increasing stamina, increasing immunity, and lowering cholesterol levels. Buffalo milk which is the raw material for making curd has a high-fat content but low cholesterol, which is suitable for friends who want to gain weight. The protein and minerals contained in buffalo milk protect muscle health and prevent osteoporosis.

Ampiang dadiah can be found in stalls in the West Sumatra area, mostly in the cities of Bukit Tinggi and Padang Panjang. Unfortunately, this food is rarely sold outside of West Sumatra. The highest production of ampiang dadiah is in the Batipuh area, Tanah Datar district and, its surroundings.
A famous restaurant that provides an ampiang dadiah menu is Bofet Gumarang near the Pasar Usang terminal in Padang Panjang city. Another alternative restaurant is Bofet Saiyo in the city of Padang Panjang.

Source: The restaurant that deliver ampiang

Are you interested in trying it? Let’s visit West Sumatra to eat it and other delicious West Sumatran culinary delights.

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